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Dead Island 2 Pre-order Bonus Gets Delayed until Summer

What about a pre-ordered bonus delay instead of the game? The pre-order bonus should be released alongside the game launch, but it seems like Dead Island 2 is an exception. For your information, the Gold/ Deluxe/ HELL-A Editions pre-order bonuses will be including bonus character packs for Amy and Jacob.

Referring to the tweet above, Deep Silver stated that the bonuses "will be available for download soon after release." Instead, a recent follow-up was posted on the thread saying that they aim to release the character packs to Gold/ Deluxe/ HELL-A Editions in the summer.

Unsurprisingly, fans will be disappointed if they have to wait for a whole month just to get the bonus content that they paid extra for. Will Deep Silver include add-ons to compensate the Gold/ Deluxe/ HELL-A Editions owners? We'll keep you informed if there's any update regarding this delay.


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