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Cutest Battle Royale Ever? Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Launches 4 August

Family-friendly free-for-all? Sign me up!

If you thought battle royale games were all chaotic messes of multiple people trying to outlive each other,'re not wrong. In fact, Mediatonic and Devolver just announced a brand-new game based on the same successful formula - with a twist. Instead of the usual blood and adrenaline-filled shooters, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a cartoon-ish (no, not like Fortnite) battle royale built for all ages.

Unlike other battle royale titles, Fall Guys revolves around completing different mini-games, where one player will eventually be the last standing. Types of mini-games include avoiding fruit, giant balls, collecting marshmallows, a giant Wiped-Out-esque roller, and some crazy obstacle courses.

The game maxes out each lobby at only 60 people, but the fun will not be discounted. Launching on Steam and PS4 on 4 August, this will be one of the games I put in my library for party games. Move aside, Jackbox!


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