Cutest Battle Royale Ever? Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Launches 4 August

Family-friendly free-for-all? Sign me up!

If you thought battle royale games were all chaotic messes of multiple people trying to outlive each other, well...you're not wrong. In fact, Mediatonic and Devolver just announced a brand-new game based on the same successful formula - with a twist. Instead of the usual blood and adrenaline-filled shooters, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a cartoon-ish (no, not like Fortnite) battle royale built for all ages.

Unlike other battle royale titles, Fall Guys revolves around completing different mini-games, where one player will eventually be the last standing. Types of mini-games include avoiding fruit, giant balls, collecting marshmallows, a giant Wiped-Out-esque roller, and some crazy obstacle courses.

The game maxes out each lobby at only 60 people, but the fun will not be discounted. Launching on Steam and PS4 on 4 August, this will be one of the games I put in my library for party games. Move aside, Jackbox!

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