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Counter-Strike 2 Release Window Announced, A Free Upgrade for GS: GO

Counter-Stike 2 will feature more realistic graphical fidelity, sharper textures, and more life-like lighting.

Valve announced the sequel to the multiplayer shoot Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be getting a limited-player test today. The new game "Counter-Strike 2" will be releasing somewhere this Summer as a free update to the existing game CSGO. Fans who are interested in the limited-player test may check out the FAQ.

Counter-Strike 2 will feature a number of graphical improvements including volumetric smoke grenades, sub-tick updates, revamped maps, better visuals, UI enhancements, and audio, and more can be found on the Counter-Strike 2 official website. Without further ado, let's see what are the major changes on CS2.

Responsive Smokes

Smokes will now react to gunfire and explosions

  • As stated on the CS2 official website, smoke grenades are now dynamic volumetric objects that will interact with the environment, lighting, gunfire, and explosions.

Smokes will fill gaps naturally

  • The smoke will now spread out of open doorways, broken windows, stairs, and long corridors, and combine with other smoke.

Reacts to Lighting

  • The smoke particles work with the lighting system allowing more realistic light and color.

Moving Beyond Tick Rate

Counter-Strike 2 features a sub-tick update that allows the game's servers to know the instant a player move, shoots, and throws grenades, delivering smooth gameplay experiences to fans worldwide.

Leveling Up The World

Valve plans to fully overhaul a handful of levels, taking advantage of the game's new engine Source 2, offering an enhanced lighting pipeline for more realistic-looking materials and reflections on the map.

(source: CS2)

Upgrade maps that use the Source 2 engine to produce a physically based rendering system that produces realistic materials, lighting, and reflections.

(source: CS2)

Of course, that's only a little part of the "Counter-Strike 2" features, the officials said that the limited test will only evaluate some of the features in order to solve major problems before the Summer launch this year. There's hope for more content to come in the future.

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