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Cooler Master Launches the MasterLiquid PL-Flux Series CPU Liquid Cooler

Cooler Master has announced the MasterLiquid PL-Flux Series CPU liquid cooler lineup, which is compatible with the Alder Lake processors.

The liquid cooler series uses a high-speed dual-chamber pump, with each chamber engineered to direct water flow for more effective heat exchange. The surface area of the copper base plate has been increased and the contact surface to the CPU has been maximized to boost heat transfer efficiency.

It features new interconnecting fan blades to maintain a gap between the inner wall of the frame to create an increase in air pressure as it draws air in while maintaining fan stability. The inner wall frame also has a chamfered rim to boost the inflow of air.

The MasterLiquid PL-Flux series consists of the MasterLiquid PL240 Flux and the MasterLiquid PL360 Flux, available at RM699 and RM849 respectively.


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