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Cooler Master Launches New HAF 700 EVO PC Case

Cooler Master has launched a new flagship PC tower with a toolless design within a futuristic visual representation called the HAF 700 EVO.

The HAF 700 EVO is designed for optimal airflow to let systems run swift and smoothly without requiring additional cooling components. It's big enough to install up to SSi-EEB motherboards and the largest graphics cards available in the market with enough space for hard drives in various configurations.

It comes with a built-in LCD assistant, Iris, for real-time system monitoring and a futuristic profile that users can customize to match their system needs. With the Gen2 ARGB, each individual LED can be independently controllers and Iris can be personalized to display system statistics or personal photos and videos.

The HAF 700 EVO is now available in Malaysia for RM1,799.


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