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Cooler Master Announces Summer Summit 2021

Computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master will be holding its Summer Summit 2021 digitally via “Gather Town” on 15th July 2021. In a media preview event, Cooler Master showcased projects, services, and new products such as cases, CPU fans, power supplies, peripherals, gaming chairs, monitors, gaming pods, and more. Below is what you can expect to find during the public event this coming Thursday!


The best-selling NR200P small form factor casing comes in four new colours: Flamingo Pink, Caribbean Blue, Sunset Orange, and Nightshade Purple. The new model uses space-saving measures for better thermal flow and easier assembly.

Cooler Master also revealed its new line of MAX systems. The new line is pre-installed and pre-routed with specially designed thermal and power delivery solutions. The company’s line of riser cables as well as the Vertical GPU Holder Kit have been upgraded to fully support PCIe Gen4 standards. The riser cables come in 200 mm and 300 mm options, and are made of high quality plastics for better cable flexibility and strength.

The new Hyper H6/H6DT ARGB is engineered with Xtra Dimensional Heat Pipe Contact (XDHC) for heat dissipation that covers the whole CPU. The MasterLiquid ML240P/ML360P Flux is a dual chamber pump that enhances cooling performance by refining flow and pressure to target hot spots.


The Summit will also showcase the Mobius Series that features a new Ring Blade Design. The interconnecting fan blades will eliminate vibration for a better flow and dynamic fan rotation. The LED Tube Sleeve is Cooler Master’s first liquid cooler tubing sleeve and features 30 ARGB LEDs compatible with major motherboards.

Power Supply Unit

The XG Platinum Series with 80 PLUS Platinum certified efficiency is equipped with full-modular cabling, a 135mm silent fan, and Smart Thermal Control mode for silent operation. It also uses 100% Japanese capacitors. The series will be one of the first power supply units that meet all the Intel ATX 12 V version 2.53 guidelines. The XG Plus Platinum has an extra built-in Information Display Panel that monitors performance and controls ARGB lighting with Cooler Master’s free MasterPlus+ software. Also, there’s the M1600 / M2000 Platinum, Cooler Master’s biggest power supply units with 1600 W and 2000 W power.


The MM730 and MM731 feature genuine PTFE feet, hybrid 2.4 GHz/Bluetooth wireless, an adjustable 19,000 DPI optical sensor, and optical micro switches.

The CK721 is a 65% layout-sized and hybrid wireless mechanical keyboard with a sandblasted aluminium body. Full-sized gaming keyboards CK351 and CK352 are dustproof and waterproof with state-of-the-art optical switches rated for over 100 million keypresses.

Gaming Chair

The Motion 1 is a gaming chair designed by Cooler Master in partnership with D-Box. It brings its user a 4D cinematic experience. Meanwhile, the Hybrid 1 is designed for users who spend long hours in front of the screen. It features a support-based racing seat that allows users to customise the airflow according to their own preferences.

Gaming Monitor

Cooler Master also released new gaming monitors: the GM27-FQS, GM27-CFX and GM32-FQ. The GM27-FQS boasts an ultra-fast IPS panel with a 165 Hz frame rate and 1 ms response time while the GM27- FQX works at 240 Hz with quantum dot picture quality.

Gaming Pod

Cooler Master’s GamePod can support up to three 27” monitors and surround sound speakers that are built in the workstation for users to experience gaming with an accurate soundstage even without headphones. The GamePod also features an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and footrest for comfort. It is compatible with multiple PCs, monitor configurations, as well as supporting a console setup for gaming.

Livestream Mixer

The last product on the showcase is Cooler Master’s all-in-one livestream mixer, the StreamEnjin. It allows users to edit and switch inputs for seamless content broadcasting. Users are able to customise their livestream in 8 preset scenes to multiple content delivery network broadcast destinations.

Visit the Cooler Master Summer Summit website here.


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