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Control an AI Controlling a Suit in This Week’s Epic Games Store Freebie

This week’s free Epic Games Store game is The Fall, a sci-fi adventure game where you control an AI controlling a high-tech suit.

The setup sees said AI, called ARID, activating when the suit’s pilot falls unconscious after crashing on a planet. ARID thus has to find a way to save the pilot, with the side-scrolling gameplay involving the use of her flashlight to highlight interactive objects. There will also be hostiles that she will have to defend herself from.

First released in 2014, The Fall is the first in a trilogy, although it’s currently unknown when or if the third installment will come out. The second game, 2018’s The Fall Part 2: Unbound, isn’t part of the free giveaway, but it’s currently on sale on EGS for US$4.34 (~RM18) until April 8.

You can grab the first game here.


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