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COD: Warzone Completely Replaced Bounties with New Feature, Immediately Backtracks

Earlier this week, developer Infinity Ward delivered a surprise feature to its hit title Call of Duty: Warzone, which unfortunately, was not well-received by its community at all.

The update introduced 'Most Wanted' contracts, which disclosed the player's location on the map to everyone for 5 minutes, rewarding the player with in-game cash and the redeployment of their teammates if they survived the hunt. High risk, high reward - sounds good in theory right?

Unfortunately, this new contract came at the expense of Bounties, which were removed from the game. Bounties work similarly to Most Wanted contracts, except at a smaller scale - players who start the contract will receive a single marked target to eliminate within a given time frame, after which they will be rewarded with in-game gold.

Notable players within the community were unhappy with the change, and did not hesitate to voice out on social media.

The riskier nature of Most Wanted contracts led to few players taking up the challenge, which is understandable and acceptable - if the contracts weren't completely replacing the faster-paced Bounties, that is.

Within 24 hours, Infinity Ward reversed their decision and reinstated Bounties - a move that players were grateful for.

For a game that lives and dies by its player base, responding quickly to player feedback - especially the more popular ones - is definitely a smart move. That said, Most Wanted certainly brought an interesting dynamic to the game despite its flaws - here's hoping that Infinity Ward will find a way to incorporate it back into the game without getting rid of Bounties altogether.


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