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Change Your Instagram Icon With the Latest Birthday Update

It's Instagram's 10th birthday, and to celebrate, they've rolled out a bunch of new features that you'll love.

First up is the ability to revert your Instagram icon to the classic camera icon, along with a whole slew of other limited-time options. To find this feature, all you have to do is head over to your own profile, tap the three-line icon in the top right-hand corner. This should bring up a menu - hit 'Settings' and scroll down hard, and you should see a number of emojis appear. Keep dragging until you see confetti explode across the screen, and a 'secret' menu with all the icon options will be revealed.

Nifty, huh?

Another new feature is the Stories Map, which allows you to revisit highlights from the Stories you've shared over the last three years. Relive some of your favourite (or not-so-favourite) moments you've had in the past via a handy calendar and map.

Finally, a new comment flagging system has been introduce to coincide with National Bullying Prevention Month. An AI system trawls through your comments to automatically hide any that are similar to comments that have been flagged as inappropriate before. These comments will then be nested under a 'View Hidden Comments' label for you to deal with later.

Instagram's Birthday Update is now available on both iOS and Android, so head on over to your respective app store to download the latest version of the app now.


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