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Can't Go to the Cinema? Bring the Cinema Home with CDA Pro-AV's Krix "Wall of Sound" Loudspeakers

Love movies but miss the cinema? Then it's time to set up your very own home theatre loudspeaker system.

We're not talking about placing a couple of bluetooth speakers and soundbars in front of your TV and calling it day - with the Krix MX-5 from CDA Pro-AV, you'll enjoy an entire wall of sound that can be mounted behind an acoustically-transparent projection screen or beneath your TV, creating a pocket-sized cinema right within your home.

With over 35 years of commercial cinema heritage, Krix engineers have created a miniaturised version of behind-the-screen sound systems that are found in commercial cinemas worldwide. The Krix MX-5 is typically configured as passive left, centre, right (LCR) modules with a pair of matching subwoofers.

Individually, the satellite speakers are a full-range, two-way, ported design featuring 8-inch midwoofers and a 1" fabric dome tweeter mated to a Krix-designed 90° x 40° short-throw waveguide. The subwoofers are a bass reflex, single-driver design featuring 11-inch doped paper cone drivers with 2" voice coils.

You can also get optional matching surround speakers, spacers and mounting hardware

for baffle-wall mounting (essentially mounting your system onto a fake wall), as well as on-floor, under-television installation. Collectively, the speaker system features an infinite baffle wall design, a shallow depth profile of 190mm and has an in-room frequency

response from 30 to 20 kHz.

Now you must be thinking, such impressive hardware surely doesn't come cheap - and you're right, the MX-series starts at a whopping SG$7,995 (~RM24,535). However, you'll enjoy a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

If you have big bucks to drop and a taste for cinema to satisfy, you can contact your local CDA Pro-AV dealer for enquiries.

Updated 2.58pm, 9 June 2020: A previous version of the article mentioned that the speakers can be mounted behind a TV. This has since been corrected.


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