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Brown Dust II second trailer, "Character Packs" revealed by Neowiz

Brown Dust II is scheduled to launch globally in 2023.

The <Brown Dust II> second official trailer titled "Character Packs" have been released by Neowiz and GAMFS N. A popular turn-based RPG, <Brown Dust II> is built on 3 core elements, including High School Fantasy, Post Apocalypse, and Spy & Action.

BrownDust2 New Trailer

The game is still in development for iOS and Android and has no release date at the time of publishing. Still, you may keep an eye on the Brown Dust II social media regarding any updates for the release date or visit the BrownDust2 official site.

In case you missed out on the game, check out the BrownDust2 first trailer to get a better picture of the game.

BrownDust2 First Trailer


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