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Borderlands 2 is giving away legendary weapons for its annivesary

Borderlands 2 are celebrating its 10th year anniversary by giving free weapons to players.

Borderlands 2 featuring various of Legendary weapons for players to use in the game. Gearbox is giving out few legendary weapon to players for free on its 10th anniversary. Although Borderlands 3 offers much greater quality of life than its predecessor and has far superior gunplay, there is much to appreciate about the game, including Handsome Jack, a famous adversary, great confrontations with raid bosses like Terramorphous, and popular Vault Hunters like Zer0. Gearbox are giving out Shift codes through Twitter for players to redeem it.

In addition, the code below gives players to access the Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold. In order to use this weapon players will need to be at level 80 with OP 10 as requirement. This explosive pistol wipe everything that came in contact. To unlock it, players can enter the Shift code 5T5JB-CXT99-3JSK6-JHK33-66FCR.

In addition, another Shift code was release to celebrate the anniversary. This code come along with 3 legendary weapons, Britva Lyudmila Sniper Rifle, Prudential Norfleet Rocket Launcher and Rapid Infinity Pistol. Though these weapon will not be as strong as Unkempt Harold, players will still be able to claim these weapon by using this Shift code WTWJ3-SFJ99-TBSW6-THWJB-CHHSZ on the Shift website or in Borderlands 2.


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