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Black Shark Launches New Magnetic Cooler; Priced at RM219

Black Shark has launched the new Black Shark Magnetic Cooler, featuring 112 high-quality heat transfer fins, a 7200 RPM high-speed fan, and a proven heat transfer plate design to reduce smartphone temperatures by as much as 23°C.

The magnetic cooler utilizes a sticker system that sticks a heat-conducting magnetic sticker onto the back of a smartphone before the magnetic cooler is attached onto the sticker, allowing it to be compatible with most smartphone models, including the latest iPhone 12 and other Android devices.

The heat-conducting magnetic stickers function like heatsinks attached to CPUs, which enhances the thermal conductivity. The magnetic cooler also avoids interfering with the corners of the smartphone where antennas are mostly placed at.

It is composed of a 15 NdFeB magnet ring for a strong fit. Users can simply detach the magnet cooler when not in use and can stick it on any metallic surface for convenient storage. Additionally, it can double as a phone stand.

Weighing only 7.3 g, the Black Shark Magnetic Cooler comes with a heat-conducting magnetic sticker and a 1.5 m Type-C to Type-C cable. It is now available on Shopee and Lazada, priced at RM219.


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