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Black Myth: Wukong Is An Impressive-looking Action-Adventure Game From China

I don’t usually pay much attention to games from China, but Game Science Studio's Black Myth: Wukong looks too good to ignore.

Inspired by Chinese mythology, the game will see players squaring off against a range of fantastical foes as the famous Monkey King, Wukong. I’ve seen many comments comparing the stylish combat to Sekiro, which I’ll have to assume is true as I’ve never played Sekiro. However, Wukong is also capable of turning into giant brute to overcome numerical disadvantages or into a flying cicada to sneak past enemies. There’s also his trademark ability to make clones of himself from his fur.

My Mandarin is too poor to understand what exactly is going on in the trailer, but the animations and graphics look really good for an indie game that’s still in pre-alpha. During the 13-minutes long video, Wukong squares off against a humanoid with a fiery staff, a group of furry swordsmen, and finally, an intimidating beast whose movements look both natural and suitably aggressive. The final few minutes offer a glimpse at other foes Wukong will face in the full game, including the armies of heaven itself.

There’s no release date for Black Myth: Wukong yet, but this certainly looks like something to keep an eye on. If you can read Mandarin, check out the game's website here.

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