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Bayonetta 3 Gets a Gameplay Trailer and Will Come to the Switch in 2022

Platinum Games has finally revealed the Switch exclusive Bayonetta 3 during the Nintendo Direct, showcasing a 4-minute gameplay trailer for the first time since it announced the game back in 2017.

Platinum Games has been quiet since the 2017 announcement, promising to show more only when the game is ready. It seems the quiet has finally been broken as the new game will launch on Switch in 2022.

According to the trailer, Bayonetta is seen coming to the rescue of the locals against a lizard-like monster. The witch appears with her trademark pistol-heels in the classic Bayonetta style, summoning her own kaiju to square off with the monster.

If you're not familiar with the game, Bayonetta is a hack and slash game starring the eponymous witch who is capable of shapeshifting and magical attacks. She can use her hair to summon demons to fight off her enemies.


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