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Armaggeddon Mirage V review: The Ultimate Budget Gaming Mouse

We all probably have been there, looking for a gaming mouse, struggling between price and performance. But who says you can't get a good gaming mouse without breaking the bank? Introducing the budget gaming mouse Armaggeddon Mirage V, and after using it for a few days I am definitely very satisfied with it. Check out the full review and see what it has to offer.


Out of the box we have the Mirage V, obviously, a USB-A to USB-C cable, which is used for wired connection or charging, and a user manual. I would highly recommend you to take a few minutes to check out the manual, as the buttons might be a little less mainstream compared to most other gaming mice.

For this price tag I would say the quality is actually pretty solid. For a wireless gaming mouse I would say it's pretty lightweight and the smooth matte surface also feels very comfortable in hand. The design is ergonomic for both right-handed and left-handed users, though the thumb buttons make it more suitable for the former. Size wise it is more suitable for small to medium hands and any grip types should be fine using it.

My large hand was so used to a larger mouse with palm grip, and honestly speaking I am pretty surprised this smaller mouse still feels very comfortable in my hand even though I have to use it with fingertip grip.

Button wise, other than the standard left right click and scroll wheel button, the forward and backward buttons at the right side are also very easy to access.

The mode switch button is underneath the mouse, alongside the DPI on-the-fly switch, which I think is a very QoL design as it eliminates the chances of accidental DPI change while using, though some might feel the inconvenience in switching. 

And right at the bottom is a compartment where the 2.4G wireless receiver is stored, so if you are using the mouse on-the-go very often, you would not have to worry about losing it easily, plus it also uses a magnetic design so storing and taking would be no hassle.


I got to say this Mirage V performs way above what I have expected. Its ergonomic design allows for a very comfortable grip, making it very suitable for both long gaming and working sessions. It works well on multiple surfaces, with or without a mousepad, even in the event where you can only get some paper or magazines as a substitute, you would not have much problem manoeuvring it. 

The tactile buttons are very responsive, which should not be a huge surprise given it uses the world’s most durable Huano switches which can support up to 5 million clicks according to Armaggeddon. The scroll wheel smoothness is just on point, giving a very comfortable scrolling experience across webpages.

The DPI indicator LED below the scroll wheel comes with stickers so you would not need to guess which level you are at. Some might find it less appealing, but once you get used to it you should be able to peel it off without any issue. The DPI presets start from lowest 800, followed by 1600 (Default), 3200, 6400 and up to 10000, so that should be more sufficient to match different user preferences.

The Mirage V supports tri-mode connection, which is very useful for any kind of usage preference. Wired mode would always be the best if you are looking for the lowest possible latency, and it supports simultaneous charge and use. The 2.4Ghz wireless mode also performs equally well like the wired mode, and the latency difference is basically negligible for most users. Last but not least, it also has Bluetooth 5.0 which is a good add-on for other devices like tablets and phones, in case you need it for work etc. All you need to do is just simply toggle the switch under the mouse.


The Mirage V is very user friendly as you can plug in and use it right away without any software. The software is available at  Armaggeddon official website, and downloading it will allow access to more settings which would be very helpful for most people. First of all, you can literally monitor everything at the dashboard, including the battery percentage, polling rate and DPI level. You can modify the DPI presets, the sleep mode timer, and also the polling rate in just a few simple clicks.

You can set up multiple profiles for different usage scenarios, and configure all the 5 buttons into different actions. The software also packs a Macro Editor where users can manually record their favourite macro to be used in their work or gaming sessions.


Official specs suggest that the 500mAH battery can last for 48 hours on a single charge with constant motion and it only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge. For wired users there won't be much concern as the Type-C fast charging allows for simultaneous use. For wireless users, the auto sleep mode greatly helps to extend the up time, so you can just leave your mouse and go for your break sessions in peace. 


Overall the Armaggeddon Mirage V is really a very solid gaming mouse and with such an affordable price tag, I seriously could not recommend it less to any avid gamers out there who is looking for a budget gaming mouse with flagship performance. At this point of time of writing, the Mirage V is already on my wishlist for my next mouse once my current one runs out of service. 

The mouse is selling for just RM129 on Armageddon official website store and is available in two colour options, black and white. It is also available on Armaggeddon official Shopee and Lazada stores, and who knows you might be lucky enough to get some vouchers or promotions to grab it at an even better price. You definitely would not regret having it.


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