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Apple's Reality Pro mixed-reality headset is facing production challenges

Apple's highly anticipated mixed-reality headset "Reality Pro" is generating excitement among fans as the company prepares for its annual developer conference WWDC 2023. However, according to recent Wall Street Journal reports, Apple is having production issues that could delay the device's launch and availability

While the headset is still expected to make an appearance at WWDC 2023, it won't be accessible "for most users until the fall at the earliest." According to the WSJ, mass production of the headset would not begin until December.

The Reality Pro will be equipped with an ultra-high resolution 8K display screen and has advanced eye-tracking technology with up to 15 cameras to accurately identify and track the eye, preventing users from "being able to directly view their surroundings as they would with a normal pair of glasses."

Reports also indicate that the Reality Pro will cost an outrageous $3,000 (~RM13,387) will put many buyers out of reach. Tim Cook is also optimistic about this product, claiming that the Reality Pro would replace the iPhone in the next decade.


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