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Apex Legends Fight of Fright bring back three game modes to embrace the spooky season

Celebrate Halloween with the returning of Fight or Fright event

The year's scariest season, Halloween, is almost approaching, and Respawn will be having its own party in Apex Legends. Between October 4 and November 1st, the Fight or Fright event will feature seasonally themed skins and limited-time modes.

Shadow Royale, a trio-queue mode in which eliminated heroes resurrect as swift shadows with the ability to double leap, revive their comrades, and do additional melee damage, is the event's opening match. This year, it will occur on the Olympus After Dark map and is a wild twist on the standard scenario.

Apex Legends players may anticipate playing the Gun Run and Control game modes on eerie locations in addition to Shadow Royale. The full schedule for the Fight or Fright limited-time game modes is as follows:

  • October 4th to October 11th: Shadow Royale on Olympus After Dark map

  • October 11th to October 18th: Gun Run on Estates After Dark, Skulltown, and Fragment East

  • October 18th to October 25th: Control on Lava Siphon, Barometer, and Labs After Dark

  • October 25th to November 1st: Shadow Royale on Olympus After Dark

In addition, Halloween-themed skins, such as a Bladed Wanderer skin for Seer or an Inner Demon skin for Ash, will be available for players to unlock in the Store page.

(source: INVERSE)


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