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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp "New Year's Snow" Event Is Live

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's latest event, New Year's Snow is now live, featuring a bunch of activities for campers to play with. Campers can collect orchid ornaments by participating in various events around the campsite to unlock items, including snowy zen ball, snowy shrub, and orchid hairpin.

There will also be origami rewards for grabs when players collect foldwings that gather around the pink paperennials they plant in the garden. Players will have a chance to earn origami craft table, big red origami crane, and origami screen door.

Other events available are scavenger hunt and fishing where players will be able to earn items like a snowflake garland, frosty-feast sweets set, glimmering ice bridge, glimmering ice hut, and more.

The items collected can be used to design the two new sets of Happy Homeroom event classes: Glimmering Ice Plaza and Frosty Feast. Designs will be graded and players who pass Lottie and friends' gradings will receive HH Material and HH Medals.

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