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Amnesia: The Bunker Free Demo is Out Now on PC via Steam

Frictional Games has released a demo for "Amnesia: The Bunker" on Steam, though the full release was once again delayed to June 6th for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PS4.

During World War I, French soldier Henri Clément is trapped in an abandoned bunker. Seeking a way out, he only has a revolver with one bullet, a dynamo flashlight, and any surrounding supplies to scavenge and potentially craft items. It rapidly becomes clear that there is something more out there, and it is not pleasant.

Far from its previous game in the series, this new entry was built in a semi-open world with unscripted events to allow players to explore the game in their own way. Not only that, the bunker is a maze of twists and turns, full of traps and other risks that pose a threat to the soldier's life at every turn.


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