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AMD FidelityFX is Coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Easier life for game developers, better graphics for gamers.

AMD and Microsoft have just announced that the AMD FidelityFX developer toolkit is now available for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S developers.

AMD FidelityFX is an open-source collection of visual technologies previously available only on PC. Technologies include Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS), Variable Shading, raytraced shadow Denoiser, among others. Now, latest gen Xbox developers will also be able to utilise these high-quality visual effects to enhance the graphics quality in their games.

Microsoft's effort to bring AMD's visual technologies to the console arena echoes Nintendo's alleged move to bring NVIDIA's DLSS technology to the (still rumoured) Switch Pro.

In any case, these partnerships will only benefit gamers, who will be able to enjoy improved performance and better graphics on their latest gen hardware.


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