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Affordable Shoe and Clothing Brand 'Tomaz' Has Started Making Gaming Chairs Priced From Just RM299

If the name Tomaz rings a bell, it's probably cause you've walked past it during your weekend strolls at the mall. Their outlets are most recognisable by their wooden interior, a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and rows upon rows of affordable leather shoes.

Tomaz's objective is to deliver quality fashion goods to consumers at a fraction of typical prices. They specialise in leather shoes, timepieces, men's suits, and now...gaming chairs.

The Tomaz Blaze X series entry-level gaming chair is made from glossy PU leather and is available in black. It comes with a neck and lumbar pillow, and has most of the features a typical gaming chair comes with: a 360° swiveling metal base and smooth-rolling casters, adjustable backrest, seat and armrest height adjustments, and our favourite - a retractable footrest.

From the picture, it doesn't look half bad, especially for its retail price - the pre-order is currently available in tiers:

  • First 100 pieces: RM299 (now sold out)

  • Next 900 pieces: RM349

  • Next 2000 pieces: RM399

One caveat, however, is that you'll only receive the chair by 1 August, which is a pretty long wait.

While we can't vouch for its quality, it certainly is an interesting-looking option for those looking for a new chair on a tight budget.

If you're interesting in taking a gamble and pre-ordering one, here's the link. Do remember to let us know how you find it once it arrives!


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