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Acquire Announced a New Side-Scrolling Sandbox Action Adventure Game <AMEDAMA> for PC

IzanagiGames and the creator of "Way of the Samurai", Acquire have announced the latest side-scrolling soul-shifting sandbox action-adventure game <AMEDAMA> will be released soon for PC via Steam in 2023. The game will support Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese language at launch.

The game follows the story of the protagonist Yushin, who was killed in front of his sister Yui. Yushin's soul remains, however, and he's able to possess any body and take on a quest to find his sister Yui and uncover the truth behind her disappearance with only seven days left before his soul fades away.

(video source: Gematsu)

<AMEDAMA> is set in the late Edo period, with a story of rain and reincarnation presented in 2D pixelated visuals. Players will encounter multiple enemy types in different stages of the game, giving fans access to a variety of weapons and fighting styles on the quest to save Yushin's sister on time.


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