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A Super Red Mario-Themed Nintendo Switch is Dropping Just in Time for CNY

Let's hope that your relatives will still be sending out e-angpaos in the wake up Covid-19 restrictions this year, cause what better way to celebrate a socially-distant Chinese New Year than with an intensely red, limited edition Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo has announced the Mario Red & Blue Edition Nintendo Switch, which will be arriving on 12 February, which happens to be the first day of Chinese New Year. Whether Mario's signature colour palette works on the handheld console is up for debate, but as with any limited edition product, it'll surely sell out in a hot minute, so you'd better get your hands on one ASAP if it tickles your fancy.

The dock, Switch, and joycons are red, while the joycon straps and grip are blue. Inexplicably, Nintendo has left the kickstand grey. There's also a red-and-blue carry case emblazoned with Mario-themed icons, topped off with a yellow zipper.

It will be priced at US$299, the same price as a regular Switch, and will be available at "select retailers".

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