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A New Mobile MMORPG Based on James Cameron's Avatar Is Set to Launch This Year

Avatar fans, look over here. An Avatar mobile MMORPG based on Disney and James Cameron's Avatar franchise is set to launch for iOS and Android this year.

The upcoming game called Avatar: Reckoning is developed by Archosaur Games, and produced by Tencent, Lightstorm Entertainment, and Disney. Archosaur Games is known for World of Kings, Dragon Raja, and Naval Creed.

Built using Unreal Engine 4, the game lets players create their own Avatars, travel to never-before-seen parts of Pandora, meet new Na'vi clans and other alien creatures, as well as fight with human troops from the RDA. There will be solo and multiplayer modes, single-player story missions, co-op missions, and PvP modes with touchscreen combat.


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