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A Mockumentary Series About League of Legends Players Is in the Works

The creators of Netflix's American Vandal - Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault - are creating a mockumentary titled Players following the story of a fictional League of Legends esports team.

Players will be produced by CBS Studios for Paramount+ and the mockumentary will explore the world of esports through a comedic lens as the fictional League of Legends team aims to achieve its first championship win.

"PLAYERS is a comedic documentary-style series that follows a fictional pro League of Legends esports team as they pursue their first championship after years of close calls and heartache," a press release reads. "To win it all, they will need their prodigy, a 17-year-old rookie, and their 27-year-old veteran to put their egos aside and work together."

Creators Yacenda and Perrault will also double as the executive producers of the mockumentary. According to Variety, Riot Games is also involved in the production so fans can expect some authenticity in Players and probably even real League of Legends teams making special appearances in the series.

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