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A Match Made on YouTube: Felix and Marzia Tie the Knot!

Rejoice fellow 9-year-olds! PewDiePie (also known by his real name Felix Kjellberg) has finally tied the knot with his sweetheart Marzia (formerly known as CutiePieMarzia during her YouTube days) 8 years after the couple first met in Italy.

To celebrate this wonderful event, let’s take a look back on how they came all this way as the ultimate YouTube couple.

It All Began On the Internet…

Marzia was first introduced to Pewds by a friend who recommended that she watch his videos, which he described as “an idiot playing video games”. She was instantly smitten, and emailed Pewds telling him that she found him hilarious. A few months later, Marzia was already moving in with Pewds in Sweden, and the romance took off in full force.

Finding That Perfect Nest

Pewdiepie and Marzia were moving to and fro between Italy (where Marzia is from), and Sweden (where Pewds is from), before finally settling on the lovely town of Brighton, England, where it was close to the sea and had better internet connectivity which both of them liked. It was there where the pair lived happily for quite a number of years, and along the way adopted their cute little pugs, Edgar and Maya!

The couple went through thick and thin together, surviving Marzia’s departure from YouTube as well as Felix’s eviction from the recording studio. They held fast and stayed strong, a true testament to their love and devotion (awww).

The Proposal

On the 27th of August 2018, Marzia announced the following on her Instagram:

Pewds also tweeted about it, with a more comedic caption of “She said she’ll think about it...” but has since been removed.

He liked it so he put a ring on it

And from that day forth, plans were in place. Fans got to enjoy the entire thing unfold on social media, including special moments like dress-picking as well as other wedding prep.

Finally, on the 20th of August 2019, the pair officially got married.

And that date is also exactly 8 years after they first met! (Major AWWWW)

This is it, 9-year-olds. A perfect match made in heaven. We here at Salty News Network wish the newlyweds all the best, and may their lives be blessed with everlasting happiness. Really cuts the onions, no?


Bonus Clip: Finally, Minecraft

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