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5 Reasons you should upgrade to Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+

The Galaxy Tab S9 Plus achieves an ideal equilibrium by combining a compact form factor with a display that never feels overly constricted in size. It comfortably occupies the middle ground between the Galaxy Tab S9 and the massive Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. This tablet, compact yet potent, emerges as the ultimate Android device, boasting an exceptional display and remarkably satisfactory battery life. Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider acquiring it:

1. Simulated PC experience with Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX transforms these tablets into something more to a PC substitute than your typical Android tablet. In this configuration, you're granted a desktop-like experience complete with windowed applications and all the capabilities you'd anticipate from a standard PC.

Samsung DeX can be easily enabled using the Book Cover Keyboard provided along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series tablet. You'll find a "DeX" button located at the top right corner of the keyboard (beside the Delete function key), similar to the laptop keyboard, hold the "Fn" and press the "DeX" key and the Samsung DeX application will start up.

2. Ultimate S Pen

Included in the package, the S Pen empowers the tablet to facilitate note-taking, drawing, and creative screenshot capturing. Furthermore, Samsung is introducing a collection of captivating apps exclusively designed for the Galaxy Tab series, among them are the previously iOS-exclusive GoodNotes, LumaFusion, Clip Studio Point, and ArcSite. Notably, GoodNotes will debut exclusively on Android through Galaxy Tab devices.

This year's S Pen also received an IP68 upgrade, making it more resilient to water and dust. Additionally, it boasts improved latency, reducing it to 2.9ms from the 6.2ms found in the S8 series. This is fantastic news for individuals who use their tablets for writing or sketching, as it ensures the most precise input.

3. S Pen Magnetic Charging

The Galaxy Tab S9 Plus includes an S Pen that can be charged wirelessly while attached to the tablet. When the S Pen is magnetically attached to the tablet's backside, it charges automatically, ensuring it's always ready for use without the need for a separate charging process.

The S Pen charging are color-coordinated with the tablets. In the Tab S9 series, you can now attach the S Pen against the backside magnets in either left or right directions; eliminating unnecessary fiddling while charging the S Pen.

4. Perfect multi-window function

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus features a multi-window function that allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously on the tablet's large display. This feature enhances multitasking capabilities, enabling you to use and interact with multiple apps side by side, making it easier to be productive and efficient. I can now play games like Honkai Star Rail while simultaneously viewing guides for my builds or play Genshin Impact to locate oculi while having an interactive map open in another window.

5. Gorgeous display

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus provides 12.4-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X displays that boast an exceptionally smooth 60-120Hz refresh rate, impressive brightness levels, and solid resolution. It's important to note that, like its predecessor, the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus maintains a 16:10 aspect ratio. This design choice results in a wider yet narrower profile compared to an iPad, but it's perfectly suited for immersive movie and TV show viewing as it maximizes the screen's utilization, offering a truly captivating experience.

The Galaxy Tab S9 Plus delivers an outstanding display characterized by vibrant colors, exceptional maximum brightness enhanced by Vision Booster technology, and seamless scrolling that elevates the enjoyment of virtually any type of content. Visuals truly come to life, and consuming media becomes an absolute delight.

That's precisely why, in late 2023, the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus stands out as one of the top tablet choices for Tabs. Check out the FULL REVIEW HERE! -


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