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5 Reasons to Visit The Pantheon Esports Centre @ MesaMall Nilai (Apart from Killer PCs)

If you thought that The Pantheon Esports Centre in Nilai was just any run-of-the-mill cybercafe with greasy keyboards and dodgy lighting, you're severely mistaken.

Much like its Subang counterpart, The Pantheon Nilai goes above and beyond the regular cyber cafe experience by providing so much more than just killer PCs and comfy chairs.

We had the pleasure of taking a tour of the swanky new place during their grand opening, and here's what we found:

1. VIP Zone

Can see your slippers through the mesh

Let's not fool anyone here - at least half of you dorks have dreamt of being a seRiOus esports athlete someday. Well, now you can somewhat emulate the experience of being on a (tiny) stage with souped up water-cooled PCs at the VIP Zone.

2. PS4 Area with Beanbags

Trying not to think about the masses of people who have farted into these beanbags before

Ever thought of becoming a console peasant but couldn't afford one? Well, you can definitely afford to mash buttons at The Pantheon's PS4 area which features plush beanbags to cradle your derriere. And if you shudder at the thought of lying in pool of other people's dead cells / dried sweat, rest assured that the beanbags are cleaned and have their stuffings replaced regularly (we asked.)

3. Private Couple Gaming Area

Hopefully Pantheon has a UV light ready to spot-check these seats

Are you one of those lucky bastards who actually has a girlfriend (or boyfriend) who plays games? Then you can now canoodle in the private couple gaming area, which features a pair of PCs with a shared couch so you can cuddle (or argue) with each other, depending on how well your game goes.

4. VR and Racing Sims

More of a pewpew or vroomvroom person? Then you'd be delighted to find 4 racing simulators as well as a pair of VR machines at your disposal. Also available are the new-fangled VAR Boxes with their somatosensory guns (no, we don't know what that word means, but we assume it's something super fancy and cool.)

5. Streamer Pods

Enough RGB to make you feel like a pro

Wannabe streamers rejoice, because you'll be able to rent a streamer pod to showcase your talents (or lack thereof) within a glass box right at the entrance. Are you going to be the next Ninja, or one of the aspiring thousands to fade into obscurity? If you never try, you'll never know!

Apart from these special zones, there's also an in-house snack bar and the Taiwan Excellence Concept Store right next door in case you feel like splurging.

Also, parking is free (at the moment) so you cheapos have no excuse to not visit :)


For more info, check out The Pantheon and Brightstar Computer Gaming.


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