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YouTubers Life 2 Will Include Real-Life YouTubers Like PewDiePie

Raiser Games' Youtubers Life simulation game will be getting a sequel, featuring real-life YouTubers. In the game, players will manage their character to build their career as a YouTuber.

The real-life Youtubers will appear in-game as guardians to help players build their YouTuber knowledge through side quests and special challenges. The YouTubers include PewDiePie, Crainer, LaurenzSide, Rubius, Paluten, InoxTag, WillyRex, GermanLetsPlay, Vegetta777, and xFaRgAnx. Players will be able to learn to create content on three different apps based on real-life platforms: NewTube (YouTube), Glitch (Twitch), and InstaLife (Instagram).

Youtubers Life 2 will be released on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch later this year.


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