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You May Be Able to Share WhatsApp Contacts via QR Code Soon

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp users might soon enjoy an easier way to share contacts soon. The site revealed that the 2.20.171 beta version of the app features a QR code sharing function that allows users to scan or share contact details easily.

You'll be able to see a small QR icon on the top right corner of your settings page. Clicking this will display your QR code for friends to scan, while a second tab opens up a QR scanner for you to use on your friends' codes.

If your QR code somehow falls into the wrong hands, don't worry as you can reset the QR code and create a new one for an unlimited amount of times.

As this is currently a beta-only feature, we don't know if or when the feature will roll out to all users via an official update. But since it's a pretty no-brainer quality-of-life feature - I mean, QR codes were created in the 90s - it's pretty likely we'll be seeing this feature on our phones soon.


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