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You Can Now Play Dota 2 with a Controller

When you hear of Dota 2, the first thing you'll probably think of is speedy finger movements with your mouse and keyboard since it relies on fast reflexes and decisions. Well now, you have one more option to play the game with - a controller.

In a FAQ article released by Valve, the company mentions that it is currently experimenting the MOBA with controller support and asks players to submit feedback. The feature won't be available by default but you can enable it in settings. According to Valve, any controller supported by Steam Input will work with the game, which means Xbox controllers, PlayStation controllers, Switch Pro, PC gamepads, and the Steam controller are compatible.

The controls are also very straightforward. The left joystick will move the hero and the right will move the camera. To quickly snap back your hero, click on the right stick. The four buttons on the right of the controller will be used to control abilities and items. It is not revealed if you can rebind the inputs according to your play style.

It is also stated that every hero is playable using a controller and if there are any issues during the match, you can easily switch back to your old mouse and keyboard.


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