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You Can Keep a Dream Monster Pet in PUBGMobile Now

PUBG Mobile has launched a special in-game event Dream Monster, featuring adorable sea creatures that can be exchanged for Ocean Crystals to redeem in-game items, including Permanent Epic Suits, Gun Skins, Headgear, and more.

From now until 5 May, players can adopt their Dream Monster for free simply by tapping the crystal bottle on the Dream Monsters page. The baby monster will start off at the M2 stage and will evolve through daily interactions. They level up faster when they are happier, and higher-level monsters worth more.

Interact with the Dream Monster through pets, feeding, and exercise or use special Dream Monster items to help them grow. Players can claim rewards through daily check-ins, completing missions, mini-games, and inviting friends to participate in the event. These rewards can be used to exchange for the monsters' care essentials. When a monster reaches its adolescent M3 stage, layers can choose to sell it for Ocen Crystals or continue evolving it into a higher grade monster.


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