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Xiaomi's Smart Home Appliance Brand "ENCHEN" to Launch in Malaysia 18 January

Xiaomi's sub-brand ENCHEN is about to launch in Malaysia this 18 January. Featuring smart home appliances touting Xiaomi's philosophy of "design, reasonably priced, and safety", ENCHEN will debut a selection of products at promotional prices during the official launch.

The Boost hair clipper features a "professional T-shaped steel cutting head" and comes with three interchangeable nozzles. The blades are 0.3mm thick, while the 1,500mAh battery lasts 4 hours and can be fully recharged in 3 hours.

The BlackStone 3 electric shaver boasts three independently rotating heads and "3D movement that offers a double ring structure" to ensure larger grip on a larger contact area. It has an IPX7 100% waterproof body and a cordless built-in rechargeable battery so you can use it anywhere, anytime.

Perfect for the pandemic, the Pop Clean soap dispenser automatically dispenses an adequate amount of foam, so you don't have to make contact with the device. The compact size also ensures that you can easily bring it around with you.

There are just some of the products hitting Malaysian stores this 18 January, and as mentioned, there will be a special launch promotion as well.

You can visit ENCHEN's official Lazada store here.


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