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Xiaomi Begins Mid-Year Online Shopping Campaign, Introduces Referral Program

Xiaomi has kicked off its Shop With Mi mid-year online shopping campaign, which runs until July 11. The campaign involves Xiaomi Malaysia’s official retail partners on Lazada and includes Xiaomi’s first Earn With Mi referral program.

Earn With Mi involves a referral commission of RM30 for each selected Xiaomi smartphone purchased using an individual’s unique promote link. Xiaomi said, “As most retail industries have been affected by the recent lockdown regulations, Xiaomi hopes to help Malaysians who have been affected by the pandemic by offering the opportunity to anyone who wants to earn additional income, through the referral program.”

The sign up page for the referral program is here, while the terms and conditions are here. The list of selected smartphones and their respective commission rewards are below:

As for the shopping campaign, it involves special deals including Touch’N’Go reload pins and free gifts, with featured partners including Ashita Group, Asia Mobile Retail, Avantgarde, Switch Solution, Urban Republic, and Vivid Concept.

A list of Xiaomi smartphones that come with reload pin rewards are below:


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