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xCloud Streaming Access Available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Having the ability to test out games without buying them right away? Sign me up! (would have saved me the money of buying Resident Evil Resistance :()

Microsoft is making a move in the right direction, as they are including xCloud Game Streaming access to their existing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate holders. To be released in September, xCloud allows you to play Xbox titles seamlessly on your Xbox, phone or tablet (yes! Xbox games on phones and tablets with controller support!) without requiring you to already own the games.

This technology is similar to that of Google Stadia, where processing and computing is actually done on Microsoft Xbox servers, while all you receive is a live video feed of the game you're controlling with your device. This allows people who have insufficient hardware - or even those who lack an Xbox console - to play Xbox game titles!

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription-based service that allows you to test out a rotating selection of roughly 100 games, at a low cost of only US$10 (~RM42.70) a month for either console or PC, but you can opt to pay $15 (~RM64) to have access on both platforms, plus access to xCloud (when it launches in September). They've been in beta since last November, so I'm hoping that the released product will be polished and free of major bugs. Can't wait!


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