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Windows 11 Leaks Show Taskbar, Start Menu Changes

The upcoming Windows 11 has leaked, and it looks like we can expect some task bar changes and a cleaner start menu with the new operating system.

As per The Verge’s Tom Warren, who downloaded and tested the leaked OS (which also had a couple of leaked screenshots published on Baidu), new Windows 11 users will find that the taskbar icons are now located in the centre, while the Start menu doesn’t sport any Live Tiles and looks simpler. However, it’s possible to bring things back to the left again, and Live Tiles can be re-enabled.

Image source: sdra_owen @Baidu

Another visual change is the use of rounded corners, with the Start menu, File Explorer, apps, and context menus sporting the new look in this leaked version of the OS. On the other hand, the Windows Store interface hasn’t received much changes from its Windows 10 counterpart. Warren noted that Windows 11’s user interface and Start menu resemble that of the recently cancelled Windows 10X that was targeted at dual-screen PCs. Another noted similarity with Windows 10X was Windows 11’s setup experience.

Dark mode is included with Windows 11, while the OS’s Start menu offers Pinned apps, recent files, and “the ability to quickly shut down or restart Windows 11 devices”. The new OS features include snap controls that serve a similar purpose to cascade windows and a Widgets icon in the taskbar. On the gaming side, the Xbox app is integrated with the OS for easier access.

The official Windows 11 reveal is set to happen on June 24.


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