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Win a 5G Phone by Dancing to the #MaxisHealthyToHuat Social Campaign

While it's true that this year's festive spirit has been somewhat dampened by the ongoing pandemic, Maxis' new short film shows that the true meaning of the season lies beyond festivities - rather, our biggest wealth is staying healthy together with our loved ones.

"Little Lion" depicts a young boy who aspires to be a lion dancer in his family's once-famous lion dance troupe. He grows increasingly frustrated when he discovers that his family is more occupied with day-to-day house chores than training. However, he soon learns that in this challenging pandemic environment, there are much more important things than pursuing fame and wealth,

“While wishing each other prosperity is synonymous with the Chinese New Year, perhaps in recent times there has been a shift in priorities. We’d like to share with Malaysians a different perspective that the more profound meaning of the season is often taken for granted – our health and that of our loved ones and being healthy together. During this festive time of the year, and more so in times like these, Maxis is committed to enabling families to Always Be Ahead by staying healthy together through the power of digital connectivity and social media.”

- Tai Kam Leong, Head of Brand and Marketing, Maxis.

In line with the theme of the video, Maxis is inviting Malaysian families to join the #MaxisHealthyToHuat campaign by showing off their lion dance movements.

Participants need to film themselves performing the following 5 steps with a family member as creatively as possible:

  • The Horse Stance

  • The Lion Leaps

  • The Lion's Drum Beat

  • The Lion Stands Tall

  • The Lion's Strike

They can then upload as many videos as they like on Maxis’ Facebook with the hashtag #MaxisHealthytoHuat for a chance to win one of fifteen Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G phones worth RM7,999.

The video must include a family member and include the correct hashtag.

Apart from the lion dance challenge, Maxis is also offering other promos and activities in conjunction with Chinese New Year. You may check them out below:


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