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When Esports and Personal Hygiene Collide: Bad Lab and Watsons Team Up to Host 'The BAD Duel'

That's right - we're finally going to see some well-groomed esports athletes in Malaysia (hopefully la!) Bad Lab and Watsons have officially teamed up to become the first personal care brand and the first health and beauty retailer brand to champion esports.

Today, they announced their own esports tournament called The BAD Duel, featuring 2 reasonably popular esports titles - Tekken and Dota 2.

Flava gets my vote for Top 1 Bad Lab model

The Dota 2 tournament is divided into 2 phases - the online qualifier was held on 10th November (yeah, it's over already), after which qualified teams will proceed to compete in the main event held this weekend at the Sunway Velocity Vanity Atrium. As for Tekken 7, you still have the chance to join the fray, as the qualifiers will be held during the on-ground event itself this Saturday (16th Nov).

The prize pools are modest, with RM4,000 allocated for Dota 2 and RM2,000 for Tekken 7.

These gentlemen are about to smell real good

This move is another great step towards encouraging non-endemic brands to invest in esports, furthering its already rapid growth in the region.

...though perhaps next time, an earlier announcement would be beneficial so that more people would actually be aware of the tournament before it starts, eh? #badlab #watsons #thebadduel


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