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What You Need to Know Before Its Launch: The HONOR 50 Offers a One-Take Vlogging Experience

With the HONOR 50 scheduled for launch in Malaysia on 18 October, here's what you need to know about the smartphone with vlogging capabilities. The HONOR 50 is equipped with a multi-video recording feature and 6 vlog shooting modes, allowing users to shoot videos with multiple camera angles at the same time as well as minimise editing to produce interesting vlogs.

The 6 vlog shooting modes are:

  1. Dual-View Recording - which activates the front and rear lens for simultaneous recording with the help of a dedicated button.

  2. Picture-in-Picture Recording - which maximises the overlay of the front camera for a bigger view.

  3. Dual-Rear-View Recording - which offers a flexible option of capturing panorama on one rear lens while emphasising on the other rear lens.

  4. Fast and Slow-Motion Recording - which has a speed of up to 4 times and a slow-mo of 0.5, including sound capturing synchronously.

  5. Front to Rear Recording - which allows vloggers to switch recording from the front or rear camera any time.

  6. Single to Dual-View Recording - which allows switching from the front single lens to the rear double-view camera without pausing recordings.

Tune in to the launch livestream of the HONOR 50 on HONOR Malaysia's Facebook page at 8pm on 18 October.


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