What a Save: Gamer Saves Life of Friend Suffering Seizure 8,000km Away

Dr. Angela Zeigler would be proud.

On January 2, a 20-year-old gamer from Texas saved the life of a friend in a different continent after hearing something amiss over voice chat.

17-year-old Aidan Jackson from North West England experienced a seizure while playing video games online with his friend - 20-year-old Dia Lathora from Texas, USA.

17-year-old Aidan Jackson, from North West England

"I just put my headset back on and I heard what I could only describe as a seizure, so obviously I started to get worried and immediately started asking what was going on and if he was okay," Lathora said in an interview with Liverpool Echo.

"When he didn’t respond I instantly started to look up the emergency number for the EU. When that didn’t work I just had to hope the non-emergency would work, it had an option for talking to a real person, and I can’t tell you how quickly I clicked that button."

Source: BBC

Right after she hung up, he finally started responding, apparently having no recollection of his seizure.

The medical team arrived within 40 minutes of Jackson taking ill, with Jackson's parents having zero knowledge of the incident until emergency help knocked at their doorstep and explained that a call had came from America. Jackson's mother then went upstairs to check on her son, finding him 'extremely disorientated'.

21-year-old Dia Lathora, from Texas

According to the BBC, this is the second time Jackson experienced a seizure following an incident in May 2019, where he was hospitalised for a week. He is currently waiting for a new medical appointment following his latest incident.

So kids, remember to keep your internet friends close and leave your Discord on - you never know when you might just save a life.