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Warframe Shows Off 30 Minutes of "The New War" Gameplay

A new cinematic quest for free-to-play space ninja game Warframe called The New War is on its way, and aside from a reveal trailer, developers Digital Extremes has also released a 30-minute gameplay video for it.

The New War sees the attacking Sentients as the main enemy, and it’ll offer players the chance to experience the invasion from different perspectives. As shown in the gameplay video, players will be able to play as Grineer trooper Kahl and Corpus crewman Veso, as well as Tenno ally Teshin. Grineer troopers and Corpus crewmen are usually slaughtered by players in droves in regular missions, so it’s interesting to be placed in their shoes this time, especially when both Kahl and Veso have lines and display personality.

Based on the gameplay video, Kahl’s sections will offer standard third-person shooter action while Veso shakes things up a bit by having assistance from the Corpus’ robots. Meanwhile, Teshin eschews guns entirely and relies on dual swords and different elemental modes. He can also throw a boomerang-like disc to damage enemies or to pull himself in its direction. It’s real cool.

The New War will release sometime in 2021. #warframe #thenewwar


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