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WapCar Introduces VR Showroom for Cars

No more travelling through heavy city traffic to reach your nearest showrooms!

In the current global situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to accept that we just can't do certain things the way we used to. Brands have to innovate to survive, and WapCar certainly has, with their introduction of their virtual reality showroom.

Driven by advanced virtual reality technology, you are able to have an all-angle look on the exterior, as well as "feel" the leather and upholstery of the interior (sorry, I'm a leather guy). WapCar showcases a multitude of models from different brands, ranging from cheaper, functional cars to higher end luxury models that we've dreamed of having.

Another feature that is adored by users of WapCar is the Dealer Geolocation function, where you are able to locate your nearest dealer, as well as get the latest deals, and book a test drive right away! This will be a valuable tool for all you people who can't decide on something ;).

You don't even need to go to multiple dealerships to get a feel of your potential purchase, as WapCar caters to most brands sold in Malaysia. How about that?


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