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vivo Shares its Strategy in its Pursuit of Perfect Mobile Imaging

In the smartphone market, we usually tend to look for devices that are either pro in gaming or excellent in taking Insta-worthy shots. With the social media world having a great influence on most of us, mobile imaging is more important than before. vivo has recently shared some content about its R&D center in Tokyo as well as its strategic layout on the future development of mobile imaging from an insider executive’s perspective.

The vivo Tokyo R&D center was established in Shimbashi in 2019 for pre-research and development of future-proof technologies. vivo says that the establishment of the center is to make full use of valuable resources in different parts of the world to conduct different R&D work. The building has now moved to Gochome, Chuo-ku, the central area of Tokyo, as vivo expands from researching mobile imaging solely to car cameras, sports cameras, and industrial cameras.

vivo's R&D efforts have always been focusing on being user-oriented and the launch of its signature gimbal cameras and V1 imaging chips are proofs of how vivo pushes its innovations to satisfy consumers' needs. Due to geographical barrier, the R&D center face difficulties in accessing the latest insights and consumer demand from the other markets. Yet, that can be overcome by vivo thanks to its teams in China and Japan as the R&D Japan team will exchange and share information with its China planning team.


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