VIVE Sync Elevates the 'Working From Home' Experience to the VR World

HTC VIVE has just announced the free beta of VR Collaboration App 'VIVE Sync', and it's about to change your working from home experience.

Instead of boring apps like Zoom and Hangout and Skype and Discord which only allow you to see your coworkers (and their cute housepets) in shabby ol' 2D, you can now conduct working meetings in glorious VR.

Reminiscent of The Sims, VIVE Sync allows you to create a 3D avatar to represent yourself in up to 30-person meetings, and supports Tobii eye tracking so that you'll know if your seedy coworker is checking out your virtual ass (also, please remember to refrain from scratch your balls while holding the VR controller thanks.)

The application is also integrated with OneDrive, which allows you to share materials directly from your server, including videos, presentations, and more. Just make sure you don't open the wrong folder during your virtual press conference with a client hor.

Apart from that, 3D drawing allows you to hold impromptu whiteboard sessions, and you can also take screenshots and record important notes via voice-to-text.

Of course, to have such high-tech remote meetings, you'll have to take into account whether each employee can afford a VR setup of their own, or if the company is loaded enough to gift a set to each employee just for these fancypants meetings. If not, broke participants always have the option to join the meeting via a PC viewer or watch recorded sessions instead - both of which are features that are coming soon.

VIVE Sync is compatible with all VIVE devices, including standalone and PC VR headsets. For more details, check out their official website.

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