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Victorian Gothic RPG Sunless Sea Free on Epic Games Store This Week

Victorian gothic horror RPG Sunless Sea, which features exploration and creatures like giant crabs, is this week’s free Epic Games Store giveaway.

Set in the same world as text-based Fallen London, Sunless Sea has you commandeering a steamship across a sea that will make your crew mad if you spend too long on it. The game features “350,000+ words of stories and secrets”, weird creatures like the aforementioned crabs and Zee-beasts, as well as strange sights like “prisons perched on lily pads” and something called the DAWN MACHINE.

Interestingly, your captain’s death means that you’ll control the next generation of sailors instead, with resources being able to be passed on. There’ll also be ship upgrades and other ships to buy, mascots to pick, characters to hire, trading and smuggling, and real-time combat with ships, creatures, and sentient icebergs.

As for next week, EGS will be offering Wargame: Red Dragon, a large-scale Cold War RTS that was originally meant to be given away in November 2020.

You can grab Sunless Sea here.


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