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Valve Ushers In a New Era of Stability for Dota 2 by Introducing Regional Leagues

Currently, the Dota Pro Circuit comprises 3 Majors which lead up to the grand finale - The International. While this works well for Tier 1 teams, it is not effective at encouraging Tier 2 and Tier 3 teams to remain consistent enough to climb the ranks and make it to the big leagues.

However, that will soon change. After TI10, a new system will be implemented whereby each year will be divided into 3 seasons, during each 6 regional leagues will take place. This will then culminate in the usual Major at the end of the season, followed by The International at the end of the year.

The prize pool for each the 6 regional leagues will be no less than a whopping US$280,000 (~RM1,185,000) per season. Nah, cannot say Valve doesn't provide incentives for newcomers to make a living out of professional Dota anymore hor?

Anyway, each league will take place over the course of 6 weeks, and consist of a full BO3 round robin format among all teams.

Rosters will be locked throughout the entire season, with roster changes only permissible after the conclusion of each season's Major. Even so, each player change will incur a 15% penalty on current points for that team. This will certainly encourage teams to stick it out through rough waters and better themselves for the coming season.

The dates for each season are as follows:

  • S1 Fall League: Oct 5th – Nov 15th

  • S1 Major: Dec 7th – Dec 19th

  • S2 Winter League: Jan 4th – Feb 14th

  • S2 Major: Mar 8th – Mar 20th

  • S3 Spring League: Apr 12th – May 23rd

  • S3 Major: June 21st – July 3rd

For the broadcast schedule and prize distribution, you can check out the official announcement here.


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