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Valve Releases New Game Mode for Dota 2: Aghanim's Labyrinth

Get lost! No seriously, you will get lost in Dota 2's newest game mode - Aghanim's Labyrinth.

Titled as The International 10's summer event, Aghanim's Labyrinth is a challenging but rewarding maze of monsters and bosses that you and 3 other teammates have to navigate. Before you start off, you can choose from 4 difficulty levels - and best part is you don't need to own a Battle Pass to play!

Clearing each stage will offer you two different paths to go further into the maze. You also get to choose upgrades for your existing skills, much like talent trees in the main game. The difficulty to clear each stage ramps up until you meet one of the many bosses trapped inside the labyrinth (I must have died to the Tiny boss 3 times already :( ).

By clearing stages in the Labyrinth, you stand a chance to gain Battle Pass points and Arcane Fragments, which are used to upgrade your base stats in the Labyrinth. Every week, there will also be a global challenge called Aghanim's Trials - basically a global race to see who in the world will be able to clear the most stages in the labyrinth, and those successful will even get an ultra rare Interdimensional Baby Roshan!

Runner-ups, up till 10th place of the week, will get different prizes such as random arcanas, aura effects and a really cool pair of shoes for Kunkka. I don't know about you, but I'm clearing my weekends to grind the Labyrinth right now!


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