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Valorant's Upcoming Content Revealed

Just when you thought Riot Games couldn't entice you to spend more of your hard-earned money, you were wrong.

Tis the season to spend money, tralalalala lalalalala. Season 1: Act 2 of Valorant commenced on 4 August, and a whole line of new content has already been confirmed to be pushed out around the release date.

Act 2 Battle Pass

As with the first Act, the Premium version of Act 2's Battle Pass will cost 1,000 Valorant Points (in-game currency), and will enable you to unlock 3 different skin collections: Hivemind, POLYfox and Red Alert. We've seen sneak peeks of all 3 skins, and needless to say, Riot Games has my wallet in a tight choke-hold.

The presumed Level 50 reward is a sick Hivemind Knife, which will definitely entice skin collectors and convert non-believers into Battle Pass holders soon enough.

"We wanted to add more variety to the gun skins so that a player who never buys skins in the store (and only wants to buy the Battlepass) still feels like they’re getting some variety. In general, we had a lot more fun developing this Battlepass because it feels more real — as if we’re developing the pass with the community — and it helps that we’re slowly getting better at designing the content, too."

- Sean Marino, Valorant Art Lead

And boy, did they hit the mark.

Glitchpop Skin Collection

If the Battle Pass doesn't tickle your fancy (but like seriously, how can it not?), you might be swayed by the upcoming new cosmetic line dubbed Glitchpop. Inspired by dystopion futuristic Tokyo, the bright colours and fancy animations will appeal to some, but the knife and its animations, well, it might just be for everyone. The collection will drop today on 5 August, and is a serious contender to the Elderflame collection (at least, in my eyes).

New Ranked System

The new Ranked System will also come into play in Act 2, and we're excited to see if the changes will head the game to a healthier and more balanced direction.

Testing FFA Deathmatch

The highly requested game mode will be heading to the Beta servers on 5 August, and we'll also be expecting to see a more casual game mode heading to Valorant soon.


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