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Using the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra as a Digital Canvas

After trying the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra for work in laptop mode, this time we're trying it as a piece of canvas for art. With a huge 14.6" screen, it would be a huge waste if we didn't try it for some doodling and coloring, wouldn't it?

To recap, the Tab S8 Ultra comes with a newly upgraded S Pen, which allows you to write smoothly on the tablet's screen like how you do on a piece of paper. According to Samsung, the S Pen now has a 30% faster response speed for a truer pen-to-pen or brush-to-canvas experience.

For someone who loves to write by hand, I certainly love how it functions like a real pen and a feature which I personally love is the sound effect it produces when you write using the S Pen, as if I'm writing on a real paper.

Since I'm not born with an artist's hands, I spent some time with a few of the apps pre-installed for drawing and coloring, such as PENUP and AR Doodle. Basically, PENUP is a creative platform for you to share your artwork, like, comment, and even repost others' work too. Meanwhile, AR Doodle lets you doodle or draw anything to make video recording more creative and interesting.

I enjoyed doodling and drawing around with these apps as they are easy to use. Also, the S Pen registers what I write or draw or color very quickly that I didn't notice any lag in between, making the experience even more fun. Especially when I don't have to redraw or recolor everything when I mess up; I can simply use the eraser tool or click undo. While we have 2B, HB, 2H pencils and so on or brushes with different tips, these apps also offer a selection of tips for your artwork. When you apply some force on the S Pen, the color, for example, will appear darker.

Equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset along with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, the Tab S8 Ultra can also handle image and video editing easily. If you're doing some basic editing, Samsung's own video editor feature is sufficient for you to do your work, and it's even easier and more efficient if you do so with the S Pen. The same goes for image editing. If you're more of a pro-level creator, you can always download apps from the PlayStore to further work your magic.


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